Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Working for OUT Magazine is a testament to collaboration, and my work with the art department continues. Here are some pieces that were included in the December/January OUT100 issue, which is on shelves now. Go grab a copy, I have 7 illustrations in this issue, and it features a list of the 100 most inspiring voices, advocates and allies of the Queer community to have graced the American cultural scene this past year.


Sam Gauss said...

Hey Michael, please let me know if you plan on visiting MICA because.... I would honestly pay you money and buy you lunch to actually watch you make one of your ink portraits. They're so gorgeous that I cannot take my eyes off of them, and they look so effortless. All of your work looks great: your ink handling in particular just floors me. Awesome stuff sir :)

ANNA K.O. said...

Yes! I'm sooo happy for you. #1 sounds amazing and #2 looks amazing.