Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fashion Month Sketches

We are reaching the end of fashion month! The Paris shows have just begun while the Milan, London, and New York shows are now glimmering memories (soon to be gracing the wardrobes of the luxurious and changing the style trends of the everybody). I've been doing some sketches, just to mill through the plethora of FASHION with an eye for personal taste. I'd love to share a few with you.

The Prada show was a breath of fresh air, after all of the taxing, painfully and obviously trend-conscious collections that were being released. We get it. Fashion is about absolutes and buzz-words (just like American politics?), and after looking at A LOT of collections from this season, I get it too. Things come up like "30's to 70's time continuum", "minimal 90's", "80's volume", "60's inspired prints", "traditional Japanese influence", "hippie-chic", floral and the obvious color trends -- blue and orange, and a HELL of a lot of white.

I like how the Prada collection brought to mind Calvin Klein's previous fall collection, with the rounded shoulders and funnel sleeves. In contrast, the nipped waist and contour-following was delightful, and the entire collection was reminiscent of a day at a beach in 1960's Italy (film connotations included).

A detail from Calvin Klein Collection's show. You know how much I love minimalism. And this collection was just as beautiful as the last one, if not a little bit more current and not so futuristic. The straight up and down dress can be a bit boring, but these dresses were beautifully constructed and accented with just the perfect details to keep them interesting.

A look from Jil Sander's collection. First of all, you should probably check this collection out -- but apparently it's not easy for many people to appreciate it. I wasn't one of those people though, and I looked past the unpopular details ("It's so lumpy!!!) and saw this collection as a designer playing with volume, while restraining from making unwearable clothing.

Also, the collection was presented with a Busta Rhymes' song "Gimme Some Mo" as the soundtrack.

This wins points with me.

The Versace collection was pretty great, it incorporated Central American and Greek design motifs pretty seamlessly -- and it was entirely wearable. However, I could NOT get over these shoes! Look at how much fun they are!

More sketches to come, so stay tuned.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Self explanatory.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Raf Simons Runway Study

This is a look from Raf Simons spring and summer 2010 menswear collection, modeled by none other than Arthur Daniyarov. I love how Raf plays with masculinity and it's identifiers with this look: a men's work suit with highly exaggerated shoulders, pushed up sleeves with what appears to be a striped button up rolled up and over the jacket cuff, and placed beneath a sweater vest -- all neatly tucked into the classic straight leg trouser and leather dress shoes.

"I have access to masculine power and privilege."

It's what you're really saying when you wear a suit, whether you know it or not. Raf just included a dash of football player to make it more obvious.

How does it look in color? Your thoughts?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Julia Nobis Portrait

This is a portrait of the rising star model, Julia Nobis. Julia has walked quite recently for the likes of Calvin Klein, ChloƩ, Prada and other heavy hitters within the fashion industry. I think she's absolutely gorgeous, almost a vision of Botticelli's Venus, no?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sneak Peak!!!

Oh my goodness!

I'm starting a SERIES. I'm doing model portraits! And not just any portrait of just any model. I'm doing portraits of models dubbed "rising stars"!!! So like, the beautiful new kids who get a lot of work for being sublime. My first portrait was of Arthur Daniyarov, and my next portrait is of Julia Nobis! She's BEAUTIFUL. Like, I'm almost positive that she's my muse.

This is just the beginning!

Robyn Illustration

This is an illustration of Robyn, the esteemed Swedish pop star who's stealing the hearts of electronic-dance-hip-hop-pop-funstuff loving people worldwide. She's adorable, and is bringing a certain "light" to the seemingly brooding, Ladygagaful mainstream pop soundscape. Full of hope, Robyn's music is heart-warming, sexy, and fun to dance to. Also, she has an attitude and swagger that's hard not to be seduced by.

This piece was kind of difficult, and isn't a good representation of the work I want to be making. It's a little too plastic-covered for my current tastes, but was definitely a good experiment.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Website Update


I've collected the daily fashion illustrations that I've been doing into one section on my website (click RUNWAY). I think that those daily's taught me something really great -- working on a creative project every single day, and devoting time and effort into accomplishing creative tasks keeps your head in the game.

Sadly, I've succumb to the Busy Bee, and have been getting caught up in other creative projects/my own life. But I'm still working -- every day -- on new work, new images, planning, sketching, etc. I draw on the trains (I should do a sketchbook update, no?) and I draw at home. I'm always drawing now, quite refreshingly.

AND! I'm starting a few fancy illustrations that I'm excited to share with y'all.

More updates soon.

P.S. I know those daily fashion illustrations were fun, but I also got a tad bored -- studying runway photos is really fun, but my imagination started yelling at me.