Saturday, March 8, 2014


Fashion Month (is that a thing?) just ended, and although it’s been a few weeks since it began, I thought I’d share the awesome experience I had at the start of it, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in NYC. Some incredible illustrators and I were invited to draw for Samsung Mobile at their lounges, set up in the tents at Lincoln Center.

It was an opportunity that I am very thankful for, and I’d love to share some images and sketches from my time there. There were also some other illustrators drawing there as well, including a couple of good friends, like the beautiful and lovely Kris Mukai and Nick Iluzada! They did the most incredible work, and it was nice getting to chill with Kris on the day we worked together.

We drew celebs, editors, models, attendees, and anyone else who wanted a portrait, and we were drawing on the Samsung Note Pro. We used the SketchBook Pro application, which was quite a different experience for me, as I usually only edit or color my work digitally.

There were a few days where I was back in the VIP lounge backstage, which was quite beautifully designed by Swarovski. Celebs and models were flowing in and out at a constant – I was doing fast, 1-minute sketches, trying to catch a good likeness in the fleeting moments they had backstage. It was humbling, having the chance to draw the wonderful people I was able to meet.

The last day I was able to work, I was asked to draw at a couple of shows. I went to the Naeem Khan show, as well as Concept Korea, which were both so wonderful.

After the shows, I was able to share my drawings of the front row with those who sat in the front row themselves. Showing the designer Lie Sang Bong and the actress Holland Roden their drawings was most certainly a highlight, and such a pleasure.

An amazing week, indeed. A huge thank you to both Samsung and IMS for inviting me to draw. I’m humbled and entirely grateful for this experience. Kelleigh, Susie, and Sunny, you guys rule. Donald Bowers is the photographer who took all of the images here!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adieu, Blogspot!

It's become apparent, that I've neglected to post much on this blog. I apologize to my followers on Blogspot, but Tumblr has me hooked! So, in an effort to consolidate my social media output, I'm going to put my focus entirely on my own website and my Tumblr. This blog will now act as a milestone and an archive. Thank you again for following my work, and I hope to see you on Tumblr and Twitter!!/michaelhoeweler

Friday, October 14, 2011

Worth Magazine Portraits

A few months ago, I was asked by Dean Sebring, the design director at Worth Magazine, if I'd be able to contribute portraits of a selection of people from their November 2011 issue's list, "The 100 Most Powerful People In Finance". I was more than thrilled to do the work, not only because Worth Magazine is a gorgeously designed publication, but also because the people they were featuring were people who've had an important influence on the world.

I worked with Dean and Valerie Sebring, the art director, and finished twelve portraits for the issue, including likeness' of people like Mary Callahan Erdoes, the CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase, Tim Cook, the new CEO at Apple, and Angela Merkel, the German chancellor. I thought it'd be best to show you some images of the issue itself -- it's beautifully designed, right? I feel lucky to have been able to work with Worth, and have my work included in this issue.

They print the magazine on a matte paper -- when I was told this, I think I had a fit at my desk. I knew that these portraits would find a nice home on a textured surface, as they are completed on a textured surface themselves. Also, I was interviewed by the magazine as a featured contributor. That was a complete surprise, and I was quite honored. Go pick up a copy, or at least read the issue -- it's fantastic!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Florence Welch Illustration

Sweeter Than Heaven, Hotter Than Hell, graphite.

I decided to dress Florence Welch from the band Florence + The Machine after I heard Frida Giannini, the creative director of Gucci, go on record to voice her fascination with Florence. Apparently, Florence was an inspiration behind the fall 2011 collection.

“I used one of Florence’s songs, ‘Hurricane Drunk,’ to set the mood for my Autumn/Winter women’s show, as she was truly an inspiration for this collection as a modern day icon with her cinematic allure and powerful presence.”

Neato, right? I really find Florence Welch to be a breath of fresh air. She’s incredibly kind, down-to-earth, and full of life, and has an incredibly strong and powerful voice. I hope I’ve captured that with this portrait.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ashley Granata Portrait

In the late fall months of 2010, around the time I first started working with Nooka, I attended a PSFK conference with Nooka's owner, Matthew Waldman. While I was there, I took some vigorous notes on the future of the fashion industry and it's development in regards to sustainability, Eco-consciousness, and technological and social connectivity.

But for the most part, I drew portraits of the panelists. Here is my favorite, of Ashley Jeanne Granata, who spoke on behalf of the lovely site, Fashism. This lady was absolutely fantastic: vivacious, an amazing speaker, had interesting opinions, and looked amazing.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Exercise Illustrations for OUT Magazine

The art department at OUT Magazine asked me to do a set of three exercise illustrations for their March issue. I love doing these guys, and I'll return to this post with more information on the assignment soon!
Marlon Gobel's F/W 2011/2012 Collection

(Images of Marlon Gobel's collection courtesy of GQ)

Friday, February 4, 2011

New OUT Portrait

Here is another Nick Vogelson art-directed portrait for OUT Magazine. This time, it's of contributer Ilya Marritz for an article entitled "Shadows and Fog", which discusses the suicide of the Rutger's student Tyler Clementi, the events leading up to his tragic passing, and state of bullying in American mass culture.

It was a pleasure to draw Ilya -- he has such a calm warmth to his expression, and I really wanted to feature that in the final. I hope you guys enjoy it too.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Working for OUT Magazine is a testament to collaboration, and my work with the art department continues. Here are some pieces that were included in the December/January OUT100 issue, which is on shelves now. Go grab a copy, I have 7 illustrations in this issue, and it features a list of the 100 most inspiring voices, advocates and allies of the Queer community to have graced the American cultural scene this past year.

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Beginnings

I was able to make it down to Baltimore this past weekend, and it was such a healthy and necessary way to start fall. I needed to see friends, see vast expanses of country and nature, and remember just why life is really worth living! These are a few of the photos I took on my adventures.

I'm getting pretty busy with my day-to-day life (a part of growing up?) and will continue to get even busier as this fall progresses. I have a few projects in the works that may or may not see the light of this blog. Also, I'm going to be delving into some personal artwork that may or may not see the light of this blog. This new project is going to be the healthiest thing I've done to my portfolio in a very long time, and I hope that I can develop it into something really great. Either way, life will continue.

So excuse me if I appear absent, I am only reassessing and returning to my life. Updates will come, see you soon.