Monday, September 6, 2010

Robyn Illustration

This is an illustration of Robyn, the esteemed Swedish pop star who's stealing the hearts of electronic-dance-hip-hop-pop-funstuff loving people worldwide. She's adorable, and is bringing a certain "light" to the seemingly brooding, Ladygagaful mainstream pop soundscape. Full of hope, Robyn's music is heart-warming, sexy, and fun to dance to. Also, she has an attitude and swagger that's hard not to be seduced by.

This piece was kind of difficult, and isn't a good representation of the work I want to be making. It's a little too plastic-covered for my current tastes, but was definitely a good experiment.


Anonymous said...

amazing work; you really captured her with that back view of her iconic hairstyle.

Reinaldo Dimon said...

Amazing work Michael! I love Robyn it's the breath of Pop. I love the light of flowers and the texture.
Nice job :)