Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rodarte Color Idea

Thoughts? Opinions?


Julia said...

Maybe I'm just biased, but I really like the color. I think it helps give it more mood, one that's more evocative of mysteries in nature (I think). When it's black and white, it's beautiful, and possesses its own disposition, but it's comparably more formal and academic; with the subtle tints, it retains the elegance of the original, yet it becomes more accessible, imho.

Mattbarry said...

i feel like i disagree with julia's above comment. i think the black and white retains a mood so separate from the color. it's heavier, more gripping with how dramatic the white background plays against the solitary figure. to me, the color causes it to lose some of the drama, and maybe the story you briefly mentioned in the last post (about the heartbreak in northern mexico). the color causes it to be all-around a lighter tone. but, you may be going for that.
either way, it's a ridiculously wonderful piece.

mikehoeweler said...

Thank you, this really helps. I like the color too, Julia, but Matt makes a good point. The warmth could make it feel a little less austere and a bit more playful? It's a hard line to walk, as the collection had these colors in the garments. I'll keep playing with the colors, hopefully there is a way to keep the color without losing the evocative quality of the original black and white pieces.