Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rodarte Color Idea 2

This is take two, with some more saturated colors. It's not as soft as before, a little darker too, but there is more color.


Annie Wu said...

I still really dig your B&W originals but I prefer this color version to the previous one.

Julia said...

Recalling what you and Matt said, Michael, is there a mood you wished for in these pictures that could only be achieved in color?

I'm attracted to the idea of color being added in general in these pieces. I feel like color is more relatable to an audience, but the mood is changed from something more ethereal in the original and the previous color version... It seems like it's being weighed down to me. It's still beautiful, but it doesn't retain the original's atmosphere.

Andrea Rossi said...

!!! I really like this one Michael!