Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finally Finals Final

I'm still alive. Miraculously having survived finals, I return to the internet ether with images from my concepts finals. The focus of these portraits is on specific masculine identities and their variations that compose the larger hegemonic masculine identity. I mean, I painted portraits of boys being boys. Take what you will, they would be for editorial purposes, if such an article were ever published!

"The Sensitively Not Sensitive Metrosexual"

"The Womanizing Mega-Hunk Lumberjack"

"The Really Successful Boss-Man-Boss"


Anonymous said...

the metrosexual one is really great, mike. your style is so clean, it's nice to see it collected on this blog


Alison Marks / 水崎彩衣 said...

I really liked these pieces they turned out great.