Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marriage Experiment

Hello all,
So I've had this dilemma for a while now. What medium and technique should I use in my work? I don't have a clue! But I'm playing Sherlock Holmes and I'm "getting to the bottom of this". And, voila! The first experiment in this pseudo-painting, pseuda-drawing, pseudo-photoshop almagamation is complete. Lets see where this work goes from here, though.


Kristin Nohe said...


and YES to the technique!

Niv Bavarsky said...

the pencil/paint combo stuff I saw for your final looks super ace, I'd definitely like to see where it goes

Claudia Hershner said...

This is delicious if i may say so myself! I am bias however since i love using this technique...props to Michael!