Friday, October 17, 2008

Politically Conscious

These are two more pieces from my Propaganda class at MICA. The assignment was to take two politically oriented statements said by those around you and make opinionated illustrations based on those statements. The first illustration, meant to be sold as a magnet, refers to the claims thrown by Obama supporters and campaign affiliates that Sarah Palin gave her daughter the choice of having an abortion. They criticized the statement Palin made, that she was "proud of the decision my daughter made to keep her child". The second illustration, meant to be sold as a bumper sticker, actually alludes to the McCain and Palin campaign slogan, "The Real Mavericks". To give you some context, the dictionary definition of a maverick is a "rebel or non-conformist".

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Anonymous said...

i looove the mavericks one! kind of maybe because my hair looks like the hippie girl right now. you are lovely.

olivia h