Monday, October 13, 2008


Volta wasn't the most successful venture into commercial music for this songstress. Like a tween in puberty, Volta represented a growing period for Björk. She was trying out new stylistic approaches of song craft, collaborating with people from all over the world, and thinking big by kicking the worlds ass with an 18 - month world tour. But as an album, Volta fell flat. Seemingly unfinished, chaotic without a clear purpose, and a little too safe in arrangement composition, Volta didn't live up to the high expectations left with her more adventurous, stylistically sound, and compositionally experimental albums Medúlla and Drawing Restraint 9.

But here, we see Björk traveling down a new path. Limited chord progression and key change, unique sonic atmosphere, chilling vocals, and fantastic drum beats (even more exciting and strange then the drum work on Volta, which was pretty excellent). This Björk reads a little less orientalist and formulaic and a little more challenging and developed. Hopefully this a precursor to Björk's future work.

The single for "Nattura" will be released on October 20th from One Little Indian.

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