Thursday, December 11, 2008

Propaganda Final Campaign

Woo, it's a been a while. I'm pushing through the breadth of finals to the finish line -- now is the time to reveal some major projects that I'v been working on. These pieces are more "finished and refined" than anything I've done before. Not surprisingly, however, is that these pieces are very simple. The idea is that if I start making cohesive "simple" images, I will work my way up to even better complex images. It's all about starting small. So eh, I'm gettin' there.

About these pieces - like I stated in the previous post, this series is directed at the Baltimore Queer community and their lack of community, diversity and acceptance of the larger Queer culture. These stickers, if created, would be smacked all over the Queer neighborhood and even the rest of the city. I'm trying to tackle this issue with a combination of gay icon's and text that would leave the viewer with a question or idea that would start the cogs turning in their minds and hopefully among their friends, too.

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